Ingenious metal products from Småland

Since the company was founded back in 1942. we have produced metal products in different forms and for a variety of purposes. There have been frequent challenges along the way, requiring inspired and inventive solutions. Even though we work with ISO certification, quality assurance and precision manufacturing, there are situations that still require ingenuity. And this is where we come into our own. Thank you for putting us to the test – we are ready and waiting to take on more challenges over the next 75 years.

From floor to ceiling and from wall to wall

A great deal has happened in the past 75 years. When the company was founded, the premises were very small. Since then we have expanded in stages, and we now have over 7,000 square metres of floor space. We also have a modern and extensive machine park. It is where we produce, check and quality assure all the products we produce. The fact that we can maintain full control over every phase of the production process means that we can ensure the correct level of quality throughout.


From floor to ceiling and from wall to wall

Det har naturligtvis hänt en hel del på sextiofem år. När vi började huserade vi i en liten lokal. Sedan dess har vi byggt ut fabriken i omgångar och idag förfogar vi över en fabrikslokal på sju tusen kvadratmeter. I vår fabrik har vi en modern, bred maskinpark. Där produceras, kontrolleras och kvalitetssäkras alla artiklar. I och med att vi har full kontroll över produktionens alla steg kan vi säkerställa en god kvalitet.


A warm welcome to Smålandsstenar.

Turols is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Smålandsstenars Åkeri, with some 20 employees and an annual turnover of 30 million kronor. We are certified according to ISO:9001 and we are working to mitigate our climate footprint.

Customers over the years

Over the years we have worked with many customers, both in Sweden and abroad. Some of them are listed below.

  • Whirlpool USA / Italien
  • EAB AB
  • Etac AB
  • Europrofil
  • Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB
  • Esbe AB
  • Herrmans OY AB
  • Knauf Danogips GMBH
  • Tyri Sweden/USA
  • Axelent AB
  • Scanditronix Magnet AB
  • Trioplast AB
Välkommen med din förfrågan